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Real Estate - Factory Safety Tours - Business Induction


Interactive 360° Tours are for:

1   Real Estate developers/managers to showcase properties
2  Show off your business to investors, distributors, stockholders  
3  Effective Safety tour with interactive information/quiz  
4  HR tour for to new employees to heighten enthusiasm

Note: The same 360° panoramic images can be re-used to create multiple tours for different purposes by simply changing interactive content. This would be a huge cost saver if you wanted, for example, to make an induction/safety tour as well as a tour for clients and investors.


Interactive Elements for extra engagement.

Look In can uniquely combine Google Street View-type navigation with on screen text, graphics, photos, music and live video footage filmed at those same locations.  

Interactive elements involve the tour users in a powerful way as they need to lean into the tour and be involed so they can navigate their way though the tour. This is very different to passively watching a video while playing with their phones. It is possible to add a quiz to the tour too so a company can make sure the viewer is involved... great for safety training and induction.


A flexible and powerful system

All interactive elements, including the video clips can be added and removed with ease, making it a future-proof, modular system.

Completed tours can be hosted privately if you prefer, for created for the public, or even distributed on a memory stick as a self-contained tour which does not need the internet to be navigated.

Look In 360

Why Look In 360?

From the 360° tour, viewers get a strong sense of actually being there, as well as the layout, how one area connects to another.

As one adds interactive elements, viewers get further information and satisfaction clicking on the pop up information. With embedded video they also get a personal connection, as if someone is hosting them on the tour. Look In 360 is unique in that we produce as much video as we do 360° tours, so can offer superb quality at highly competitive rates.

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Look In 360 covers half of England - from Birmingham down through London and Brighton all the way to Cardiff and Dover.



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