Real Estate services packaged to save time and money

 360 Virtual tours with live "Agent Chat"
 EPC certificates
Still Photography
 Video Walk-throughs
 Doll's House Matterport tours
Floor Plans

Pick & Mix services 
and save 

With each service listed below there are two prices, a "Main Item" price and an "Add-on" price. You choose one "Main Item", and along with it, pick as many add-ons as you want at their greatly reduced prices. I can pass on this saving to you because I will already be on location... it will cost me less, so you'll pay a reduced price.


Choose one MAIN item and as many discounted ADD-ONS as you want. Prices shown below are MAIN/ADD-ON:







* Up to 10 panoramas/ 15 still photos (enough for 2 bedroomed house)
** Up to 2 bedroom house
*** Matterport tours are hosted by Matterport at a cost, so it will cost you £5 per month.

For larger projects we can discuss pricing as this varies depending on complexity.

360° Virtual Tours can also be photographed using HDR (High Dynamic Range) which means taking 5x as many photos to be able to see detail in the dark parts of a room indoors at the same time as seeing detail of bright objects outdoors. For most applications HDR is not necessary. It's only desirable when there are many rooms with large windows or French doors with lovely garden views to be seen from indoors. Shooting and post-processing in HDR takes substantially more time and will cost £40 more.

FREE ITEMS - There are several elements I am offering free of charge:
1/ "Agent Chat" - this is an amazing ability to simultaneously view the virtual tour with a potential buyer/renter remotely. They see a little thumbnail of you, you can see them all while you both chat while looking at the tour. You can navigate it together to discuss whatever you're seeing which means being able to address concerns and highlight selling points directly, immediately and remotely!
2/ Hosting the virtual tour - I will host it on my site at no extra charge, or you are welcome to host it yourselves.
3/ QR Code for direct links to 360 tour - so potential customers can go right there from their electronic devices.


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